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Up: Jose, Cocoa and I (right to left) fishing Luteoflammulatus in a pond near Ruta 9 km 205, Departamento de Rocha. Down: The bridge over the Canal Adreoni. There is a pond on the right side of the road, before crossing the bridge (50 meters from the point where the picture was taken) We fished Adloffi, Prognatus and Wolterstorffi there. After fishing, Cocoa told us that last time he was there, he saw a tank truck (a honey wagon) unloading sewage into the pond!! In Uruguay,rural houses don't have pipes for toilet discharge. The toilet material goes to a septic tank underground. Once a month or so, people call that truck service to empty it. Where can they go with all that nightsoil? To our Cynolebia's ponds!!