I live in Chicago now, but eggs are still available from Jose. Contact him by
mail for availability.
Postage 8$
Trade, Nothos and Aplocheilus, WHY?
Please, send orders and checks to 
"Jose Martinez Caballero"
Necochea 2823
Martinez CP 1640
Buenos Aires 

The list

Time to Time List: Locations of fish we used to have or we have.
No fish or eggs are available from this list. Check above list for availability.
	Some people asked me about a "time to time"
list of fish we have. It's hard to say "from time to time". This year, I
think it will be very difficult to find all we want because of the big problems
caused by the waters from rains and rivers. For that reason, more
than 150,000 people lost their homes last week! (I am talking
about too much water.) Bridges were damaged, and millions of 
dollars were lost in agricultural areas.
However, most of the Uruguayan species will be available.
Here is our "time to time" list: (Cynolebias)

Locations where we fish:
Luteoflammulatus, Ruta 10 km 226 La Pedrera
Luteoflammulatus, R9 km205
Luteoflammulatus, R14 km 504 Canal Andreoni
Luteoflammulatus, R14 km 485
Cheradophilus, Ruta 10 y Ruta La Paloma
Viarius, Ruta 10 km 260
Melanotaenia Ruta 10 km 265
Wolterstorffi C.Andreoni, R 14 km 504
Prognatus C.Andreoni, R 14 km 504
Adloffi, C.Andreoni, R 14 km 504
Gymnoventris, Velazques, Ruta 13
CXCL001 Bañado Medina
CXCL008 Parque Rivera
Melanorus, Affinis, R5 km 299,5
Sp. SEC/KNF R26 km 331,5
Affinis R26 km 331,5

Argentina, Entre Rios:
Alexandrii, Puente Gualeguaychu
Alexandrii Los Lapachitos
Bellotti R14 Arroyo Ñancay
Nigripinnis R14 Arroyo Ñancay

Argentina, Buenos Aires
Bellotti R9 km62
Bellotti Ibañez
Nigripinnis R9 km62

Here is the last information I've received
from Heber Salvia, a ex-member of the Uruguayan study group
of Cynolebias and great friend of us.

cxa-001 (Artigas) Cynolebia Sp.
cxa-002 (Artigas) Cynolebia Sp.
cxd-001 is Cynolebia Sp. "Duraznensis"
cxcl-001 Cynolebia Sp.
cxcl-002 is now  Cynolebia Vaz Ferreirai
cxcl-004 is Cynolebia Sp. "Uruguayensis"
cxcl-008 Cynolebia Sp.
cxt-001 is now C. Neonii
cxt-002 Cynolebia Sp.
Cynolebia Sp. "SEC 92/13"
Cynolebia Sp. "SEC/KNF" R26 km 331,5"

Jeronimo Chiecchio

Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3085
Capital Federal 1425

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