The Emperor's tank

December, 97 During May of 1997, my mother was doing some design work at a luxurious hotel at Buenos Aires. The general manager told her that the Emperor of Japan will be staying there during his official visit to Argentina. They were trying to find something to offer as a gift. I proposed to set up a tank in his suite (everybody knows that the Emperor loves fish, he is biologist and he is specialist in Gobidos), at the hotel, and they accepted (the Emperor's security team analized the idea 3 month before his visit). Now, I was actively engaged in the project, but I really did not know what to do. All of our river fish appear ugly to people who are not aquarium hobbyists (Plecostomus, Panaques, Mylossomas, Pinirampus, etc..). I needed to impress on the manager of the hotel, on the Japan's ambassador, and the press with a beautiful fish. How could I do this! ? ! I went to Jose's aquarium shop (he is a Discus breeder and was, longtime ago, a killifanatic : Actually, his store is called Killifish and he was member of the AKA in the early 80's) and we talked about Argentine fish. That's when I decided that I needed a partner. Before I finished explaining him the project, he was smiling. Then he said one word : -"Cynolebias" -What ? -"Cynolebias !". the first time I eared that word. That's how I was introduced to the world of killifish. Jose was reintroduced, since he was out of the hobby for more than 10 years. The Emperor's tank was set up with more than 7 sp. of Cynolebias, all wild. It was a success. The manager of the hotel received from the Emperor a few and simple words giving thanks for the beautiful fish but he apologized because he didn't have the technical support of the security team to pack up the aquarium for shipment to Japan. Most important newspapers published several articles about the Emperor's gift There is a long story about the Emperor of Japan and Argentine fish, involving the Presidente Perón, during his first official visit to Argentina in 1967, as the Prince of Japan. President Peron sent an Argentine Navy ship with Argentine fish to Japan as a gift for the Emperor ! ! Some day I will try to translate it to English. After the Emperor's visit, we decided to keep the fish and to continue to find other species. That's how I discoered the Cynolebia's world.

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